Art Morning

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We had a great morning with a visiting artist and produced some fantastic artwork.


My Remembrance Poem

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Imagine if the war never started, no-one killed, no-one injured. Imagine what it would feel like to be a friend, a soldier, a war hero, that had lost a friend in the war.

What is it like old man?
What did you deal with old man?
What happened old man?
I’ll tell you all this young man.

Some people died,
others cried.
Holes in the ground,
people not found.
This is what it was like young man.

Scared, frightened, terrified- when would the bullets come?
All aiming at you,
when they came no-one knew.
This is what I dealt with young man.

Night after Night they always came,
We all Knew who was to blame.
Day after Day we knew to fight,
And it was never ever bright.

By Charlotte


Remember! By Chloe Y6

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Remember a soldier,

Who gave up his life.

And tried to show you,

We could have our rights.


Why did your friend put you behind?

Why did your friend have to say goodbye?

Why did your friend think everything would be fine?

I’ll tell you why !


Horror, death, destruction- why did the Fritz do that?

Cruel war,

Cruel Germans.


Imagine losing your pals,

Being haunted by the bombs.

Seeing the devastation,

Remember, remember 11th November!


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Why do you march old man

with medals on your chest ?

Why did you join the army old man

was it to be the best ?


Ill tell you young man why I

marched with medals on my chest

To remember my lads that dropped to the

floor in battle like a bomb that fell over the rest.


Horrible ,destroyed ,wasteful- why did this

have to happen? Lost soles. Imagine a time

Were the sun always shines war never

happens and no one ever dies.


They grow not old ,as that are left to

grow old : age shall not weary them nor the

Years condemn . At the going down of the sun

and in the morning we will remember them.





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Why do you cry?

What does it feel like to watch loved ones go?

Why do you say goodbye?

Does it make you feel so ,so low.

It feels like the world is at its end.

It makes you feel as timid as a mouse.

That lad who was my friend.

coming back to no house.

Death, anger, pain it broke peoples hearts.

Evil was the war.

People were shipped away on carts.

People were poor

By Brandon Makinson



Remember The Great Poem

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Why did your friend give up his life ?

Why did your friend have to say goodbye ?

Did  think everything would be fine ?

Ill tell you why

He said goodbye ,

As the day said hi .

He thought everything would be fine

But in the end he gave up his life !

Imagine losing you best friend ,

But winning the war ,

Imagine felling all alone

Imagine things feeling as sad as going up into space ,


 Remember a soldier,

Who tried to show you ,

We could have our rights


Rest in peace ,

As the day goes by .

For we shall always…

Remember you .

And you will stay in our hearts ,

As angels in the sky .


Let the day pass .

And go all old ,

Forever be in our minds ,

Thanks for all the gold,

We will never forget you !


As poppy day starts ,

We will think about you ,

With all our hearts !


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Why do you march old man,

with medals on your chest?

Why did some not live old man,

but you all tried your best?


Some of us got shot little boy,

that is why we march.

Life is not a toy,

so lets march on.


Imagine being on the battle fields,

representing your country.

Imagine falling down,

with no one to get you up.


Why do you pounce old man,

like you are confident and brave?

Why are you determined,

but you all tried your best?


I pounce like a cheetah,

to show I’m here.

I am determined little boy,

so my head is held up high.


Just always remember!

Harley’s Remembrance poem

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Why do you cry?

Why do you say goodbye?

What does it feel like to see loved ones go?

So it makes you feel so,so low.

It feels like the the    world’s at it’s end

the lad, who was my best friend

Death, anger ,pain  did it brake many ?

Even going back on a horse and cart

An evil war?

I wanted no more.


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Why do you march old man,

with medals on your chest?

Why did you join the army old man,

was it to be the best?


Horrible-destroyed-wasteful-why did this,

have to happen? Lost soles.

Imagine a time were the sun always shines,

where wars never happened, were no one ever dies.

   I’ll tell you young man why I march with medal on my chest,

to remember my lad that dropped,

to the floor like a bomb,

that had fell over the rest.

They shall grow not old, as we have left grow old,

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn,

we will remember.


WWII Remembrance poem.

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Why do you cry old man?
with medals on your chest?
what horrors have you seen old man?

I’ll tell you why young man
for the lads who fell in battle.
Brave as lions they faced the fuhrers fury.

They lie sleeping. souls flu off into the dark ness of space.

Horror, death, destruction-Why did this happen?

Evil war.
Cruel war.
Its hell on EARTH.
Imagine you losing your palls being haunted by a nasty nightmare your hart broken

Remember ,remember the 11th of November

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